Escape Winter with These Ultimate Travel Destinations 

As the winter months approach, it's the perfect time to start dreaming of an getaway to a sunny and warm destination. 

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We recently surveyed our lottery supporters and ticket buyers to find their top travel picks, and now we’re unveiling some of the best vacation destinations to escape to this winter.  

Keep reading to discover what destination might just be your next winter vacation.  

Australia and New Zealand: The Southern Hemisphere's Summer 

Australia and New Zealand offer the perfect summer getaway during our coldest months.  Blessed with endless coastlines, vibrant cities, and landscapes that vary from lush rainforests to rugged mountains, you’ll never run out of places to explore. Whether you are interested in diving and snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, hiking through Milford Sound, or relaxing on a white sand Gold Coast beach, summer down under is the perfect winter escape.  

Mexico and The Caribbean: Tropical Paradise Beckons

The beautiful turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, and rich cultural tapestries draw many towards Mexico and the Caribbean. Discover the Mayan ruins in Tulum, the peaceful shores of the Bahamas or the vibrant culture of Jamaica. Whatever you choose, each destination offers a truly unique and sun-soaked experience you won't want to miss. 

Caribbean/Mediterranean Cruise: Sailing into Warmth and Adventure 

Cruises represent the epitome of a vacation where the journey itself becomes an adventure. Enjoy the convenience of exploring multiple destinations while unwinding in luxury onboard with all the amenities you can think of. And whether you're exploring the streets of Barcelona or the picturesque Greek islands, a cruise vacation in the Caribbean or Mediterranean has something for everyone. It’s the perfect escape for the winter months! 

Africa: A Tapestry of Landscapes and Cultures 

The diverse tapestry of Africa captivated the imagination of respondents, drawing their interest to countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Egypt. The allure of exploring iconic landmarks such as Victoria Falls, safaris across vast landscapes, and the historical pyramids, promises an exciting getaway during the winter months. With so many countries, cultures, landscapes and languages, deciding where to begin will be a challenge! 

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