False Creek – Let’s Take a Walk

It’s easy to want the space and quiet that comes with the suburban life; a neighbourhood you can walk around without a care in the world. Some of us want that with a little more jazz though, a place close to the action with excellent places to eat, drink, or relax within walking distance.

Enter.. False Creek. Specifically the area around Olympic Village. We took a walk around for you so we could see what it’s got to offer you when you choose our Vancouver Grand Prize home package. Unsurprisingly we were far from disappointed. Let’s take a look!

Of course, the first thing you’ll already know about or notice when you walk around this neighbourhood is the Telus World of Science, or just Science World as some of us like to affectionately call it. You can swing by here with the kids multiple times a year for new science exhibits, educational IMAX films, or even late-night events for just the adults.

Don’t forget about the Main Street/Science World Skytrain stop right next door, which will get you downtown or all the way out to Port Coquitlam if you’d like!

It’s hard to ignore the view of the city right behind it as well, and the mountains behind that!

After you walk around the seawall west from Science World you’ll get into Olympic Village. Located in Southeast False Creek, the Olympic Village was built for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, to house athletes and Olympic officials coming from across the world. It’s also one of the greenest communities in the world, making Vancouver a leader in sustainable development. We can get behind that!

Just down the road from here if you go even further west is the Olympic Village Skytrain stop, taking you downtown or out to Richmond. You’re really within reach of everything from this neighbourhood, including buses to Kitsilano. And take it from us, even getting a cab from around here to anywhere else is pretty affordable!

Finally, right around the corner from this stunning 2-bed / 2-bath is the always-satisfying Amato Gelato Cafe right underneath the massive and iconic Mario’s Gelati sign! In the summer this is a hard place to skip.

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